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Husband and father of three, Kurtis Gregory stands for conservative values. He is committed to improving infrastructure, ensuring a quality education for Missouri students, and supports Missouri's military families and veterans. As an outdoorsman and fourth generation family farmer, he has fought for farmers' and ranchers' rights in the state house and worked to improve rural internet access. Kurtis is also proudly pro-life and pro-gun.

Kurtis is a lifelong Missouri resident and a former Mizzou football player and team captain. He is also a member of the Missouri Cattlemen's Association, Corn Growers' Association, and Farm Bureau.

In the Missouri Senate, Kurtis will stand against radical woke policies and shield our family farms and businesses from tax hikes. He knows firsthand the damage done to our economy by out-of-touch elitists. In the senate, Kurtis will remind career politicians they work for We The People.

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PO Box 493 | Marshall, MO 65340 | Tel: 660.886.0115

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